Humanly Desires

Everyone are not immune to a certain level of love, attachment, desire or passion which attracts problems and calamities in their lives which leaves behind some level of either achievement, satisfaction, pride, happiness and their opposites of regret, disappointment, shame or sorrow.

The first type of men likes good offices; while the smallest injury provokes their tempers. These same people love compliments and distinctions but are contemptuous..These people enjoy extreme happiness and also experiences the worst bitterness. There is no balance in how they feel or think. He is entirely a master of his own disposition. Fate, good or bad is not at our own disposal. Good or ill fortune is very little at our disposal; But when a master of his or her own disposition is met with bad fate, his resentment and pain takes entirely of him. These same people are rarely satisfied or pleased. They are mostly hypocrites, secretive and deceptive. They make big mistakes.

The second type of men are those of whose attachment is to beauty or the opposite of deformity. His or her felling depends mostly on what people think and perceive he or she is.. This same type of men likes conversations and are entertained by worldly pleasures and material accomplishments. They lament mostly on how they look and what they have which are for most of them hardly satisfied for. remedied, if possible. They love having companies of men or women and are mostly out in groups when socializing. They are dreamy and thinks only of external beauty and material wealth as a form of perfection. It is self, appetite, object that pleases his or her taste and any expensive luxury which can be afforded.

In both types, their desires and relishes are somewhat incurable and both types are intolerable critics. They intend to be pleased and never to please.

The third of which is a person who confines hi or herself in favor of love and friendship, has a few people around and choosing only the qualities of the greater men. He or she seldom speak and endowed with much knowledge and love of writing and reading. These has the more elaborate and complex tastes and is satisfied by all things sensible. These kind of people offers or takes only the most solid of friendships. They have the most elegant of passions and desires.


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