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For Quoting Great Authors and Their Pieces or Sharing Them

If i promote these authors and priceless texts, writings and pieces in my blog, it further enhances the popularity of those impacted / or authors quoted herein.

Again, in this era almost everybody passes on copies of what they own and if i have purchased the copy, i am then reserved the right to read and share it as i want.  Why would anyone pay for some thing which many others; hundreds if not thousands own electronically either legally or purchased? Under what grounds should it be regarded as legal or illegal when the origin could have been acquired legally?

When and if one publication has already been published there is no control as to how many of these copies are circulated for anyone could easy duplicate them. Royalty paid to the author is also a once off basis and repeated only when recirculation and a revised edition is made..


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Philosophy vs Religion / Fate

I am back…

I was reading a comment which has made a somewhat nasty debative remark where the person said i have merged both Fate / Religion and Philosophy and challenges me by saying i wasnt a thinker..

We are all entitled to whatever thoughts that comes in mind and i am not in violation of any individual principle or ideology to begin with.

I would think and believe that Philosophy is the root of all fates and beliefs. Hence, spare me that lecture as we now live in the 2000s where everyone are free to share and express their thoughts and beliefs without the intention of convincing, converting or attracting anyone to embrace the same thoughts, beliefs or ideologies / principles.

I am free to express myself as you and anyone else would or should or must. You like it, read it. You dont, leave the page.

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